According to the 2018 European Union second Payment services directive (PSD2) and Lithuanian Republic Payment Law, from 14 March 2019 we opened access to LKU group financial data via PSD2 API interfaces.

The main goals of the second Payment Service Directive (PSD2) are to standardize payment systems across Europe and to increase the security of the settlements. Users for goods and services on the Internet will be able to pay faster, cheaper, more conveniently and securely.

Access to the PSD2 API interface for test environment, which includes the technical measures and action, allowing Payment Initiation, Account Information and Funds confirmation services providers to ensure approval of their product compatibility with LKU gruop PSD2 API interfaces.

The developer portal is accessible here – https://developers.i-unija.lt/

Here you can find the documentation of the test environment, with code examples, test data also you can create a service client and TPP QWAC certificates.

Please note that the exchange of data takes place in accordance with the data protection standards and procedures. Users data may be transferred to third parties only with their consent and approval.