“i-Unija” Security Memo

Security Memo for Users of LCU Internet Banking System “i-Unija”


1. Before starting to use LCU internet banking system (i-Unija), make sure that your connection address is really correct. You can connect entering https://www.i-unija.lt in the address line of the internet browser or visiting the column of lku.lt of LCU internet banking. Having finished the work in LCU internet banking system or when you leave the computer even for a moment, you must disconnect clicking on Log-off and close the internet browser.

2. Having used LCU internet banking in a public place (e.g., internet cafe, library or any other place of public access to the internet) you should promptly change your login password. To this end click on “Change parameters” and enter a new login password.

3. Keep safe your secret codes. Remember that all codes (user code, initial and permanent password, password card) are the key to your account with a credit union. Never keep this information at the place easily accessible to strangers. Be sure not to write your user code on the passwords card. Just remember the permanent password and don’t write it anywhere.

4. Remember that nobody and under no circumstances has the right to ask you to provide your secret connection codes to LCU internet banking system.

5. Protect your computer equipment.

If you have lost your LCU internet banking password card or your passwords have become known to other persons, immediately contact your credit union. Credit union employees will forthwith block connection to your system and unauthorised persons will not be able to use money from your accounts.

If you have more money on your account than is necessary fro your daily expenses, establish operation limits. The limits are specified in the concluded Agreement on the Provision of E-services. Daily and single operation limits can be reduced or increased upon arrival to the credit union and filing the application for changing operation limits.

You can receive an e-message or call from ill-intentioned people who pretending to be credit union employees might ask you to tell your secret connection codes. Be alert – the only senders of such messages are swindlers seeking to warm from you secret information.

•    Remember – a credit union never sends e-messages requesting its customers to tell their secret connection codes.
•    Secret connection codes cannot be disclosed to anybody, event if you are threatened or offered a generous reward for the disclosure of your secret connection codes.
•    Immediately inform credit union employees about suspicious calls or messages requesting to disclose or confirm your connection codes to LCU internet banking system.

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