The credit union system in Lithuania consists of 58 credit unions united by the Lithuanian Central Credit Union (LCCU) and the Association of Lithuanian Credit Unions (ALCU). All parties cooperate closely to improve financial services, represent credit unions in political, public and financial organisations and authorities, and to provide advice and other services.

Only LCCU members offer a wide range of financial services and they all are supervised by the LCCU. These unions also have additional stabilisation and liquidity funds. There is a total of 71 credit unions operating in Lithuania.


The Lithuanian Central Credit Union – the preferred financial partner of credit unions.


We are a close financial partner to communities, helping them to become stronger and develop.


Integrity. Professionalism. Openness and cooperation.



  1. Accepting deposits and other repayable funds from member credit unions and other non-professional market participants, as established by the Law on Central Credit Unions.
  2. Lending to credit unions and their members.
  3. Providing payment services:
    • Money transfers
    • Issuing of payment cards (MasterCard and Maestro)
    • Online banking services.
  4. Carrying out set-offs between credit institutions (clearing).
  5. Performing secondary assessments of credit union debtors and loan statuses.
  6. Maintaining the liquidity of LCCU member credit unions. To ensure this function, the LCCU has a liquidity reserve, where credit unions keep a certain share of their deposits.
  7. Maintaining the solvency of LCCU member credit unions. For this purpose, there is a LCCU stabilisation fund, consisting of regular contributions by credit unions.
  8. Monitoring and supervising operations of LCCU member credit unions and, where required, inspecting these credit unions and reporting any irregularities detected to the supervisory authority. It also constantly assesses risks and the control of credit unions.
  1. Participating in programmes and projects initiated by Lithuanian and foreign authorities for credit unions, accepting funds and assets related to these programmes and projects, and assuming obligations.
  2. Providing IT services to credit unions and their members. The i-Kubasinformation system enables credit unions to professionally serve their members and perform daily operations and functions. The i-Unija online banking system, developed by the LCCU, allows members of credit unions to manage their finances from any part of the world.
  3. Providing staff management advice and specialised training to the staff of credit unions. The LCCU training system allows employees to constantly improve and raise their qualifications through specialised training, consultations and discussions.
  4. Consulting and providing recommendations on business development and sales. Credit unions are also advised on how to motivate their employees to achieve bigger sales and optimise business processes. The LCCU provides periodic marketing and communications consultations, disseminates information on the operations of credit unions, develops the joint brand of the LCCU, plans joint promotional-publicity campaigns, analyses the competitive environment and provides recommendations on business actions.


The LCCU is a member of the following organisations:

  • Association of Lithuanian Banks
  • European Association of Cooperative Banks
  • Proxfin
  • MasterCard Int.